Rustic Discos - Standard Terms and Conditions

By making a deposit payment, you are accepting these terms and conditions unless otherwise agreed in writing

Please make all cheques payable to MR C R GREGG or pay by bank transfer to MR C R GREGG, Sort Code 60-12-39, Account No: 87149206

Rustic Discos is a trading style of Confetti Discos, 4 Brindlebrook, Milton Keynes MK8 8EU.


Booking Process

We normally ask for a £100 deposit to secure your booking. A booking cannot be confirmed until the deposit is received, or we have agreed to waive the deposit (in exceptional circumstances).



All deposits are non-refundable. This is because as soon as we take a deposit we turn other work away. We do not infer or imply that we will return a deposit under any circumstances.


Full Payment / Final Adjustments

Please make final payment in cash on the night to the DJ before your requested start time or via cleared funds to be received in our account on the day of the event.


Your Disco

All discos booked will be provided to the standard Rustic Discos setup with our wooden booth, light stands and decorations (flowers, fairy lights, etc). Discos will be hosted by an experienced, high quality wedding DJ although due to Chris Gregg's limited availability, it may not be possible for your disco to be personally hosted by Chris. 


Food and Refreshments

Soft drinks must be provided for the DJ during the event at no additional charge.  For 'All Day' wedding bookings, a main course hot meal should be provided for the DJ.  For 'Evening' wedding reception events, a buffet meal should be provided.  



When feasible and possible, the client's request for extended playing time during the event will be accommodated at an hourly rate calculated based on the previous playing time and booking fee. However, payment is due at the time of the request and may be paid in cash only.


Venue / Police / Council Intervention

Requirements by the venue management over-ride the client and Rustic Discos. If we are instructed to lower the volume, or to stop playing by the venue management, this will be followed. Most commercial venues have an entertainment licence cut off time, which must always be observed. If the event is interrupted by the police / local council, then we will follow any advice or instructions given by them (including to stop the event). There will be no refunds given under these circumstances for early finishing.


Equipment Damage

If damage is caused to equipment by the client, or any person attending the event, we reserve the right to charge the client for the full cost of repair / replacement of the equipment.


Cancellation By Client

Cancellations must be in writing by the client. If the client cancels more than 21 days prior to the event, then only the deposit will be forfeited. If the client cancels the event less than 21 days prior to the event date, then the client is responsible for the total fee. If we are able to get another booking for your event date, and you re-book for another date, we will consider transferring some of your payments to the new booking. Any amount will depend on various factors. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are having problems, as we may be able to help.


Postponement By Client

If your wedding date has to change for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible as we will always try to work with you to find an alternative date on which we are available to provide the service.  If we are able to accept the new date, there will be no charge to change the booking date.  In the event that we are not available on the new date we will recommend alternative suppliers and do our best to help you find a quality alternative, however your deposit will not be returned but it can be used for as a deposit for a disco on another occasion if required. 


Cancellation By Rustic Discos

We have never had to cancel an event. However, if for some reason we could no longer carry out the event we will inform you as soon as possible and all monies paid will be returned by cheque within 3 days. We will endeavour to work with you to find a new DJ (which the client may need to pay direct).  We are sorry but we cannot be liable for any difference in DJ fees and our only liability is to return any money paid by you to ourselves.


Non-attendance / Equipment Failure / Late Start Caused By Rustic Discos

Rustic Discos has never failed to provide a disco and we have spare equipment available as a contingency in the event of technical failure. However, circumstances outside our control can never be ruled out (such as a car accident on the way to the disco, multiple equipment failure during the event, etc.). We will always work our hardest to provide you with your event, to the best of our ability.

If the event lasts less than 75% of the agreed playing time or does not take place at all, then we will refund all monies paid. If more than 75% of playing time has been achieved, then a refund will be made on a pro-rata basis. If the start of the event is delayed up to 30mins due to Rustic Discos, liability is limited to providing the client with additional playing time equal to the delayed start time. If the delay is over 30mins of playing time, then a refund will be issued on a pro-rata basis. All refunds will be issued via a cheque within 7 days of the event date. This is the full limit of liability on Rustic Discos.


Late Start Not Caused By Rustic Discos

If Rustic Discos cannot start the setup by the agreed setup start time, due to the client or the venue not being ready (this can be due to the venue being locked, because a previous event has over-run, or the client plans are running behind schedule etc), then we will work with the venue and the client to then set up as quickly as we can, and to start playing as soon as we can. Under these circumstances we will have no obligation to play later or to refund any money. Any extra playing time past our agreed finished time will be subject to the normal overtime clause above.


Venue Provision:

The client will ensure that the venue for the disco:

1. Will be within 6 metres of a reliable power supply of at least 2 safe and well maintained 13amp sockets (on a full 30amp ring main). If the power supply is less than this, it will reduce the lights and sound level of the disco. If plug sockets are loose, cracked, or considered unsafe by the DJ your disco cannot take place.

2. Is open between the setup start and take down finish times, as shown on the booking form

3. An area of ideally 3.5mtrs wide, 2.5mtrs deep and 2.1mtrs high is available for the disco rig. If the space is less than this, it may not be possible to provide all of the equipment however we will work with you to ensure we can provide the best service possible within the limited space.

4. Takes reasonable steps at all times to protect Rustic Discos equipment and personnel. If crowd control is required to ensure this, then this has to be provided by the venue / client.  Rustic Discos staff cannot take responsibility for supervising children at the event and parents should be advised that although the equipment will be set up safely, it will always present a potential danger to children.  Guests must not hold drinks over the DJ equipment or place drinks on the DJ booth, light stands or LOVE letters.

5. Provide suitably qualified door staff at events where needed.

6. Provides a shelter that completely covers and protects Rustic Discos equipment from adverse weather conditions when playing outdoors. All equipment is electric and we retain the right to suspend/terminate without refund if we consider conditions to be unsafe.

7. Has valid music licences if the event is a commercial, business or public event, and is being held in a commercial venue.

8. Has parking avalable to unload as close as possible to the area in which the disco is to be set up.  Moving the vehicle once we have unloaded is fine, however parking must be provided and any cost for this must be covered by the client.

9. If your venue has a noise limiter system, this will cause the volume of the music to be reduced which may cause disappointment.  We are also unable to continue playing past your scheduled end time without permission of the venue management.



The client accepts full responsibility for any damages or injures or delays that occurs as result of failure to comply with these provisions. In the event of circumstances deemed by the DJ to present a real or implied threat of injury or harm (including verbal abuse) to Rustic Discos staff, equipment, and or any other person, then we reserve the right to terminate the event without refund. Rustic Discos further reserves the right to deny any person access to equipment and access to the area behind the disco at any time.